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Invest in Competent, Reliable Security Guards for Hospitals

It’s more important than ever before those hospitals have competent, reliable security guards. Hospital security guards protect patients, staff, and equipment from damage caused by violent or unstable individuals. If you want to protect your patients and staff when they are most vulnerable, you should consider investing in security guard services for your hospital or healthcare facility. Genesis Private Security specializes in providing uniformed security officers and mobile patrol services for companies of all sizes across industries. We have over 40 years of experience providing reputable security services throughout the Bay Area. Call us today to schedule a consultation for hospital security guard services in the Silicon Valley.

Why Do Hospitals Have Security Guards?

Employers and healthcare managers have a duty of care to their patients and a responsibility to provide their staff with a safe, comfortable, and secure work environment. The healthcare setting can be overwhelming and challenging for patients and their families when they are in pain, stressed out, and need answers. High levels of emotion, lack of sleep, and physical and mental health issues can create a volatile atmosphere that may erupt in violence or aggression and pose a safety risk to patients and staff. You can protect your facility and safeguard its security by taking a proactive approach to mitigating security risks. Hiring hospital security guards can maintain peace, deter crime and violent outbursts, and protect patients, staff, and medical equipment from injury.

Hospital Security Guard Services in Silicon Valley, CA

Primary Duties of Security Guards in Hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require extensive security to protect their patients and staff. Most facilities have multiple access points, limited security guards, and insufficient staff to notice or sound the alarm if a situation doesn’t seem right. The threat of theft, violence, and other crimes is higher in the healthcare setting. A security guard in a hospital will reduce the risk of accident, injury, and security risks by providing the following services:

  • Supervising at-risk patients.
  • Directing and guiding visitors.
  • Protecting staff and assets.
  • Supervising hospital entry and exit points.
  • Maintaining secure and locked premises.
  • Reacting to security alarms and codes.
  • Providing customer service.
  • De-escalating situations.
  • Restraining individuals who present a safety risk.
  • Making rounds to assess the safety of specific areas of the hospital.
  • Checking hospital parking lots and/or garages.
  • Confronting unauthorized people.
  • Assisting with safety protocols, emergency evacuation plans, and security planning.
  • Monitoring vehicles for suspicious activity.
  • Escorting personnel to and from cars if needed.

Our Hospital Security Guard Services

We provide flexible, customizable hospital security guard services that are personalized to meet your needs. We are highly skilled and trained and are committed to de-escalation and maintaining the peace whenever possible. Call us today for more information about any of our services, or to schedule a security and risk assessment for your facility:

  • Uniformed security patrols around the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Monitoring services.
  • Employee termination security.
  • Evaluation and confrontation of individuals who have unauthorized access to the premises.
  • Response to security alarms.
  • Coordination of evacuation from premises.
  • Identification of potential hazards.
  • Proactive risk assessments and risk mitigation.
  • De-escalation of arguments, confrontations, and unstable or violent individuals.
  • Protection of hospital equipment and property.

Why Choose Genesis Private Security

At Genesis Private Security, we excel at protecting our clients, deterring crime, and safeguarding assets. We have over 40 years of experience, and each team member is highly trained, experienced, and professional. Because we want to provide the most effective security services possible, we stay on top of the latest advancements, technology, and trends in the industry. We will work closely with you to design a personalized security plan that protects your property and employees, identifies risks, proactively addresses security concerns, and prevents future security issues. Our uniformed hospital security guards can offer 24/7 protection, crime prevention, de-escalation services, and peace of mind.

Schedule a Consultation for Uniformed Hospital Security Guards

If you’re looking for professional, reliable, uniformed hospital security guards in the Silicon Valley, call us today or contact us online. We will schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your security needs, evaluate the holes in your existing security and design a personalized security plan that meets your needs, goals, and budget. Our individualized risk assessments will make your property safer, more secure, and more comfortable for staff and patients.