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Protecting Northern California from Every Threat

Everyone and everything is more connected than ever. With the advent of new technology, threats can now come from anywhere. You need a security team that can mitigate that danger. Genesis Private Security (GPS) has solutions. With more than 80 years of combined security management experience, our firm offers unparalleled security officer services for modern residential and commercial customers. We utilize cutting-edge technology, trained, reliable personnel, and effective security strategies to keep your home, business, or event safe from any threat. Our unmatched customer satisfaction ratings are a clear indicator of our ability, dedication, and results. Let us be there to secure your people’s property when you need it most. Contact us today for your personalized, risk-free security consultation & quote.

Genesis Private Security

Corporate Headquarters
25 East Hedding Street,
San Jose, CA 95112

Client Support Dispatch Center
408-978-9111 or 1-866-903-9111

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Phones are answered by our communication center 24/7

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A Full Range of Security Products & Services

Modern security threats require a modern security approach. At Genesis, we design all our security services to meet any scenario, protect your property, and deter criminal activity before it begins. Whether you are staffing private security officers for your live event or employing our state-of-the-art computerized polygraph testing, we give you the superior methods and technology to ensure safety, transparency, and the very best results. Genesis Private Security provides a full range of products and services, including:

  •  Commercial Real Estate Security: Unlike your home, your business is open to the public. Employees, customers, vendors, and other visitors come through daily and leave you susceptible to danger. Our private security personnel is trained to expertly assess threat levels to your business and provide strategies to overcome any peril. We utilize every tool at our disposal – live patrols, GPS technology, real-time reporting, and more – to safeguard your office, industrial park, retail store, or sporting venue. We deter intrusions and vandalism to disturbances of all kinds.
  •  Residential Security: Residential buildings are natural targets for burglaries, vandalism, auto theft, and emergencies. If you manage an apartment complex or condo community, you want to keep your tenants safe. Genesis Private Security offers 24-hour security personnel to give you peace of mind. Our guards can assist with crime deterrence, access control and documentation, round-the-clock surveillance, emergency response, and more.
  •  Educational Institutions Security: Having a security presence on campus makes students and faculty feel safe. Our officers are highly trained to actively patrol and monitor campus property for suspicious activity, deescalate tense situations for students, faculty, and residents, and quickly respond to natural, civil, or man-made disasters, intruders, and lockdowns.
  • Corporate Campus Security: Campus security in Silicon Valley is essential. So much sensitive data and proprietary technology exist that a breach could end entire companies in a day. Our security firm understands that need and employs top-tier technological resources and personnel to guard against any intrusion, theft, or company incidents.
  • Retail Security: Centers of commerce see millions of dollars change hands every day. This type of exchange can be attractive to the criminal element and put shopping centers at risk. Genesis Private Security negates that risk for any retail space.
  • Polygraph Testing: Certain industries require total honesty and transparency from their employees to operate. GPS supplies advanced polygraph testing to private sector individuals, therapists, attorneys, and law enforcement agencies, and others. We help to ascertain the undisputed truth for a variety of critical issues.
  • Private Investigators: Our private investigators work under the close supervision of retired detectives and law enforcement to give you the discretion and expert service you require. We can assist with a broad range of sensitive matters, including background checks, asset searches, divorce and custody disputes, fraud investigations, and more.
  • Live Scan Fingerprints: Our live-scan, mobile fingerprinting services provide the identification information you need to stay safe. Whether you are reviewing job applicants, issuing firearm licenses, or collecting background information for personal use, our fingerprinting technology is fast, reliable, completely digital, and guaranteed to speed up your process time.

Why Choose Genesis Private Security?

Genesis Private Security has earned our reputation one satisfied client at a time. When working with you, we provide basic and premier-level security services designed to meet your needs. Our highly trained officers focus on personalized care, attention to detail, and agile response in changing circumstances to support you every step of the way. But we are about more than just providing premier security assistance. Genesis is also a locally owned and operated company with strong ties to the communities in and around San Jose, CA. Our firm operates in dozens of cities across Northern California, actively recruiting and employing military veterans and sponsoring the “Wounded Warrior Project.” We use our extensive training and leading-edge technology to operate with honesty and accuracy and always strive to serve area citizens and businesses best when they need us the most. Call or email us today for your no-risk security quote.

Contact Genesis for Your Private Security Needs

The world can be an uncertain and sometimes dangerous place. With Genesis Private Security, you can take that certainty back. Our firm can provide you with the safe, advanced vigilance you need to protect yourself, your livelihood, and your loved ones. Whether you are an employee, vendor, citizen, or client, we’d like to welcome you as part of our Genesis family for life. Contact us today to schedule your no-risk security consultation.