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Live Scan Fingerprinting Services in San Jose

Live scan fingerprinting services is a reliable form of identification because everyone has unique fingerprints marked by specific signatures in their patterns. If you are applying for certain jobs, looking to receive firearm licensure, or seeking a background check for personal use, you might need to have your fingerprints taken through a professional service like Genesis Private Security. In the past, you would need to have ink fingerprints taken, which involved placing each fingertip on a pad of ink and rolling it onto a card that could then be scanned into a computer or copied. Unfortunately, this method was not always reliable and sometimes tricky to execute—but now there is a better option – Live scan fingerprinting. This process uses advanced technology to take fingerprints digitally and send them electronically to the appropriate law enforcement agency, reducing the time needed to take fingerprints, and speeding up the processing time for your background check.

digital finger print scanning

What Can You Expect With Live Scan Fingerprinting?

We offer live scan fingerprinting in San Jose and it is a simple process. You need to print and fill out three copies of the Request Live Scan Form, which provides consent to record and process your fingerprints. Required information for the form includes name, date of birth, address, and social security number. You may also need to provide a phone number and driver’s license number. You can make an appointment for live scan fingerprinting, which will generally take about 15 minutes to complete.

What Are the Advantages of Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Furthermore, there are a couple of distinctive benefits that come with live scan fingerprinting. You don’t need to worry about making a mess of your hands with ink, and the quality of the prints taken will be much more reliable, so processing time is minimal.

No Messy Ink

With ink fingerprints, it is easy to smear or smudge the print, and just the right amount of pressure is required to get a clean, scannable print. It can take a few tries to get it right, and the process can be messy. Ink fingerprinting also requires drying time, so it is possible to smudge the prints even when they are cleanly applied. Live scan fingerprinting only requires you to place your fingers on a silicone pad. This pad takes an image of the print and puts it directly on a computer screen, where a qualified fingerprint roller will be able to view it and see if it is an acceptable sample.

Live Digital Transmission of Fingerprints

Once live scan fingerprints are taken, they can immediately be transmitted in secure digital files to the Department of Justice, FBI, or another law enforcement agency. This saves time you would otherwise spend waiting on the mail, so you can have your results back faster.

If you are seeking fingerprinting services in the Bay Area, contact Genesis Private Security today to experience the difference of our sophisticated digital technology.

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