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Gathering information for an investigation can require a lot of time, effort, and skill, which many people and businesses do not have. However, proper investigation is essential to gather evidence for court cases, legal disputes, employment backgrounds, and more. Genesis Private Security can help you gather evidence and information, as we have a team of private investigators working throughout the Silicon Valley area. Our team is here to do the investigative work you need to build a powerful case or dispute a legal claim brought by another individual. If you need a professional and experienced private investigator to work on your case, please reach out to our team today.

Private Investigation Officer in Silicon Valley

We Have a Team of Professionals

Our team of private investigators works under the supervision of retired enforcement officers (PI #20171), which ensures they use proper tactics and protocols to gather useful information for your cases. We have partnered with countless clients who need to compile evidence and proof to support a claim, including attorneys, small and large businesses, private persons, and human resources departments. Whether you need to look into a person’s background or require proof of wrongdoing, our team can help you discover the information you need to move forward.

We Provide a Range of Investigative Services

As an experienced private security and investigation company, we know that there are many reasons why someone may choose to use our services. For this reason, we work hard to offer a comprehensive list of investigative services to meet our client’s needs. We will work with you to provide the services you require and help you gather important information necessary for your court cases or fact-finding project. Our goal is always to seek out information that will help you build a stronger claim or make informed decisions about employees and business dealings. Our primary investigative services include:

  • Background Checks: We can perform background checks on parties and witnesses to ensure nothing troublesome comes up that you are unaware of. In addition, we can complete pre-employment background investigations for law enforcement and other industries.
  • Asset Searches: Our team can complete thorough asset searches to uncover public and private records of a person’s assets or discover more about the history of an asset. This type of information can be helpful in business transactions, divorce proceedings, and more.
  • Internal Investigations: If you suspect there may be wrongdoing occurring within your company, we can help you organize discreet internal investigations to uncover the truth.
  • Embezzlement: Even if you suspect someone in your company is embezzling funds, it can be challenging to prove without hard evidence. We can perform investigations to identify the person or persons involved and prove their wrongdoing.
  • Intellectual Property Investigations: Silicon Valley is full of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas trying to grow them into lucrative companies. It’s not uncommon for others to attempt to pass off these ideas as their own. Our team can help conduct intellectual property investigations to prove who has the legal claim to the ideas.
  • Worker’s Comp Investigations: We can conduct investigations into worker’s compensation claims to ensure the injured worker has been injured on the job and that their injury resulted from an accident and not due to their improper actions.
  • Child Custody Disputes: Fighting for the custody of your children often means digging into the background of your former partner. We can complete investigations to find information that could help your case.
  • Divorce Issues: Divorce cases can get messy, with spouses attempting to hide assets to keep their former partners from getting their fair share. We can complete thorough investigations to help your case.
  • Executive Protection: Protecting executives and high-level personnel means investigating any potential threats. We can investigate all issues to provide the best protection.

Why Choose Us to Conduct Your Investigations?

We are the right team to choose for your private investigations because we have years of experience and a strong set of values that all our investigators follow. We work diligently to uncover fast facts for our clients using safe and secure tactics. Because we are also a security company, we can provide additional security measures at any point if you feel there is a threat to you or your company’s safety.

Contact Us Today

If you need a private investigator to investigate matters for you personally or for your business, Genesis Private Security can provide the services you need. We will work hard to uncover valuable information that is useful for decision-making and legal purposes. You can count on us to work diligently for you or your company and provide discreet services. Please reach out to us if you have questions or would like to retain our security services.

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