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High-Tech Security Officers in San Jose

Utilizing high-tech security options is imperative for any private security company that wants to safely protect its customers and their property. For example, monitoring a premise in real-time can successfully deter and thwart crime in numerous ways. By utilizing high-tech resources, a security firm can do its job faster, better, and smarter—or simply put, more efficiently. A company that utilizes high-tech security tools will save money because, with technological advances, less on-site guards may be needed.

Hi-tech Corporate Security Guard in Silicon Valley

We Operate Efficiently & Cost-Effectively!

At Genesis Private Security, we use the following technology in our line of work:

  • Guard monitoring via GPs and other means
  • Daily, computerized activity reports
  • GPS location services

Because of our extensive technological training, we are able to control building access, protect intellectual property through monitoring systems, reduce internal theft, and protect our customers and their assets. We would love to put our substantial security training and 40+ years of experience in this industry to work for you. To learn more about Genesis Private Security and how our security services can benefit you, call our office at 408-978-9111 today!

Corporate Campus Security Services in Silicon Valley

We Treat Each Customer as if They Were Our Only Client

Genesis Private Security provides top-notch uniformed officers. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a quick response to all of our client’s security needs. Additionally, personnel is professional, reliable, polite, and customer orientated. Our officers are both insightful and decisive which gives them confidence in all their actions and decision-making.

We are committed to and provide custom-tailored service plans to suit individual client needs. Furthermore, all personnel is trained for the job site and post specific duties. Operations and executive management are available 24 hours a day. On-site monitoring and reviews ensure continuous proficiency and excellent service in order to meet the client’s security goals and objectives.

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