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Improve the Safety of Kids Walking to School

For over 40 years, Genesis Private Security has passionately provided the Bay Area with unparalleled security solutions. With highly educated management and experienced security guards, our team provides reliable security solutions to our San Jose, CA community. We are experts at providing personalized custom security plans for each client. We ensure that the resume for security guards we hire meets the highest criteria to keep our clients secure.

Schools are among the businesses and places of work we are most often hired for. Providing school safety for students is one of our passions, especially as schools are becoming increasingly dangerous.

School Security Guard in San Jose, CA

School Trip Security Ensures Safety & Enhances Learning

School trips are a great experience for everyone involved. The students enjoy exploring, and the teachers enjoy the freedom of providing a more hands-on experience. While school trips are a great way to expand learning and experiences, they also come with security risks. Taking a classroom of children out of the school and into unknown territory can be a large task, even with teachers and chaperones watching over the students. When you hire school security guards for these events, teachers and students can enjoy the trip and learn from their new environment without worrying about what lies around the corner. At Genesis Private Security, our security guards are trained to watch over students and be aware of potential danger.

On-Campus Security Guards Allow Students to Thrive

Another reason that more and more schools are hiring on-campus security guards is to allow students to truly thrive in their environment. Over the years, schools have become higher targets for criminals and violence. Not only does this endanger the lives of the students and faculty, but it makes it impossible for students to thrive. School should be a place of safety and learning rather than fear and danger. Even with many security systems and protocols in place to increase the safety of school campuses, on-site school security guards are the best way to ensure the safety of students.

The presence of security guards deters dangerous criminals and students. If something dangerous occurs or there is a threat to the safety of the campus, our experienced security guards know exactly what to do to restore safety and protect the students and faculty. For your school to thrive and for students to learn, they must feel safe. Take necessary steps towards that goal by hiring our experienced security guards and using our integrated security solutions.

Large Scale School Events Need Highly Trained Security

Schools have many large-scale events, from football games to award ceremonies and graduation. These events draw large crowds, naturally increasing the risk of dangerous situations. Providing qualified and experienced security guards at these events ensures the safety of students, families, and faculty. The security guards you hire for these events must be trained in de-escalating and other security tactics to ensure the best safety possible for these events. These events are meant to be a celebration for the students and families of your school, and they deserve to enjoy the event safely.

Immediate Help in Emergency Situations

Schools are areas of high activity with many students, teachers, and faculty traveling from different locations. This activity increases the probability that someone could get hurt. During these emergencies, emergency response teams must be called. It can be difficult to get in contact with and then wait for these teams, especially in a dire situation or emergency. With experienced security guards on campus, these emergencies can immediately have professional assistance. Our security guards at Genesis Private Security are trained in emergency response and several medical emergency skills. With our team, your students and faculty will be in good hands no matter what the emergency.

Prevent Strangers from Gaining Unauthorized Access to Campus

While many schools have several safety protocols preventing strangers from accessing the campus, an integrated security solution is the best option for full protection. Unauthorized persons on campus can cause mayhem and serious security risks. Security guards can be posted at access points to ensure that each person with access to the campus is supposed to be there. Our security guards in these positions have several roles, including:

  • Carrying out security protocol.
  • Checking students for guns and other weapons.
  • Providing enhanced safety for kids walking to school.
  • Ensuring everyone walking by or into campus has a reason to be there.

Contact Us to Hire Experienced Security Guards

Provide enhanced safety for your students and staff with our complete school security guard solutions. Leave your school’s safety and security concerns to our team of experienced security guards at Genesis Private Security. Contact us today to learn more about our top-of-the-line security solutions in San Jose, CA.

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