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Technology to Serve Our Customers

At Genesis Private Security, we utilize cutting-edge technology to best serve you. When you retain the services of our San Jose Bay Area security guards, you can have the confidence to establish that your security team is where they need to be, when they need to be there. A significant challenge in the private security world is controlling information safely. If you ever need to look back on reports, we make this task convenient and yet protected at the same time. Viewing a file, report, or action is simple with the reliable electronic system we set into place. The real-time, innovative technologies we use at Genesis Private Security are certain to save you time and money in the long-run. We offer guard tour systems, GPS on equipment and vehicles, and use live time for reports.

Private Security Officer in Safety Vest in Silicon Valley, CA

Staying on the Cutting-Edge of Technology!

The various technologies we use include:

  • ChekOne hardware and software
  • GPS Radios
  • Vision Cams
  • Touch Probes
  • Vehicle Navigation
  • Digital Night Vision
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Electronic Timekeeping and Invoicing
  • Security Scooters

Protect Your Data and Information Systems

Genesis Security Car

Our San Jose security officers understand that the needs of each client or location are unique, and we can customize products and techniques to meet your requirements. When information and data are stolen, it can have negative consequences for your personal identity or business operation. If you are concerned about your information systems, computer security, or information assurance, we can help you provide the additional security you need.

At Genesis Private Security, we can help ensure your data is:

  • Only disclosed to specified individuals
  • Kept secure for accuracy and integrity
  • Remains confidential for privacy purposes

No matter what type of information you store, our team can help prevent potential security breaches. Contact us at 408-978-9111 to learn more about our security technology!

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our customized security program designed for your property will utilize both our professional security officers and cutting-edge technology.

Genesis Client Portal

The Client Portal allows for real-time status information for daily and incident reports, audio and video recordings and more. This information can be emailed to client stakeholders daily.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

A security program cannot run effectively without solid reliable data. At Genesis, we track important KPI data to ensure we meet and exceed your service expectations.

Integrated Solutions

At Genesis, our fully integrated solutions facilitate meaningful security service dashboard metrics.

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