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We Offer Professional Solar Panel Trailer Security Solutions

The professional team at Genesis Private Security specializes in a wide range of comprehensive security solutions for property and business owners throughout San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. As a company that’s committed to ensuring our clients receive unmatched security and monitoring services, we’re proud to provide clients with solar security trailers, an all-in-one security solution.

With numerous benefits that are unmatched by permanent security cameras, our solar security trailers are used for several applications and industries, including parking lot security and law enforcement. With more than 40 years of combined experience among our team, we’re proud to be a leading provider of security solutions throughout Silicon Valley, including vehicle patrol, security officers, private security services, and special events. Call us today to learn more about our solar security trailers!

Solar Surveillance Trailer

What Is a Solar Surveillance Trailer?

With complete remote monitoring and control and quick deployment, solar surveillance trailers make your community, event, or traffic situation safer. The security system includes one or two cameras with onboard digital recording and many customizable options. This system includes all the security technology you would expect, combined in a portable solar-based platform.

For increased flexibility and control, you can choose from several different options to tailor it for your own unique needs. Power is provided by batteries, which are charged through a solar-based charging system. In a typical deployment with sufficient sunlight, the system can run continuously and independently year-round.

How Do Solar Security Trailers Work?

Most solar security trailers utilize solar panels to harness and turn the sun’s direct energy into an alternate source of power that the security camera system requires to operate. Even when it’s not particularly sunny outside, our solar security trailers are manufactured with a deep cycle battery that operates in sync with the trailer for this precise circumstance.

Benefits of Solar Security Trailers

Solar security trailers deliver an impressive range of benefits that are unmatched by other permanently fixed security cameras and devices, including:

    • Rapid Deployment – Deploying a solar security trailer couldn’t be simpler. Because there’s no need to run power to the system, law enforcement can target crime hotspots quickly, and construction companies can get instant security for their job sites.
    • Fully Autonomous Security – When you’re using a solar security trailer, there’s no need to power any units or connect the system to the internet. Our solar security trailers deliver comprehensive autonomy on every level.
    • Environmentally Friendly – With society placing increased importance on green energy initiatives, sourcing a security system with a clean power source is a smart choice for any organization.
    • Cost-Effective – Solar security trailers are cost-effective from several perspectives, including removing the up-front costs of installing fixed security cameras and allowing the flexibility of moving the system to a new location as your circumstances may change. The system will pay for itself as you move it from job to job.

Benefits of Solar Security Trailers

In our experience at Genesis Private Security, there are several applications our solar security trailers can be utilized for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Government and city safety
  • Construction site security
  • Parking lot security
  • Traffic and highways surveillance
  • Major events security

Find the Perfect Solar Security Camera Today

When you trust Genesis Private Security with premier solar security trailer services, we provide custom solutions tailored to meet all your needs. Our team of highly trained personnel focuses on individualized care, close attention to detail, immediate response to changing circumstances, and support for you and your organization. Contact us today for more information about our solar security trailers in Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!

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